Sheet Metal Bending Services in China

What is Sheet Metal Bending?

Bending is one of the most common fabrication processes for sheet metal and it is used to produce V-shapes, U-shapes, and channel shapes along a straight axis.

Some of the most common pieces of equipment used for bending are brake presses and box-and-pan brakes. Other types of specialized machine presses can be used as well.

This equipment can be used for different types of bending techniques, including air bending, bottoming, and coining, among others. Each technique has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Many manufacturers use bending in the production of automotive or aircraft panels, electrical enclosures, storage units, cabinets, and many other types of products.

Bending is cost-effective when producing low to medium quantities and produces lightweight parts with good mechanical properties.

Sheet Metal Bending Services We Offer

We offer high-quality bending services to companies that require these operations, including:

  • Beam Cambering
  • Structural Steel Bending

Companies in many industries can take advantage of these options, including:

  • Structural Steel Fabricators
  • Public Works Contractors
  • Equipment Manufacturers
  • Shipbuilders
  • And Others

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