Die Casting

Aluminum and Zinc Die Casting Services in China

What is Die Casting?

Die casting is a process that allows your manufacturer to produce parts with complex geometries, excellent dimensional accuracy, and smooth cast surfaces.

To create these parts, molten metal is forced into a mold cavity—which is made up of two hardened tool steel dies—using high pressure.

This process is well-suited for the high-volume production of aluminum, magnesium, zinc, copper, tin or lead parts. It is generally not appropriate for low-volume production because of the high tooling costs involved.

There are two main types of die casting processes that may be used to create your product—hot-chamber and cold-chamber die casting.

Hot-chamber die casting is generally used for zinc tin and lead, while cold-chamber die casting is used for aluminum and zinc alloys.


Die Casting Services We Offer

Gensun offers both aluminum and zinc die casting services to meet the needs of your company.

We also offer secondary services such as:

  • Polishing
  • Plating
  • Painting
  • Powder Coating
  • Machining
  • Assembly

If you are considering die casting for your project, reach out to us with any questions or to discuss your requirements.

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