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Precision Turned Parts for Prototyping or Production

Like CNC milling, CNC turning is a subtractive manufacturing process in which material is gradually removed from a workpiece until it reaches its final shape.

A rod of the raw material is held on a spindle inside a CNC lathe and is spun at high speeds while a cutting tool cuts material away from it.

This process is well-suited for manufacturing plastic and metal parts that have cylindrical features as well as radial holes, flats, grooves, and slots.

We produce your precision turned parts in China, to tight tolerances, using the precision machining centers at our manufacturing facilities here in China’s Greater Bay Area.


High-Quality Turned Parts Manufacturing

If you need precision machined parts, it is important to work with manufacturers who are technical experts and that follow lean manufacturing principles.

At Gensun Precision Machining, we pride ourselves on our highly-skilled, well-trained technicians as well as our many imported and domestic precision CNC machines.

We can produce your CNC machined parts with high precision and in a wide range of materials, from ABS and HPDE plastics to 6xxx series aluminum to stainless steel, brass, and more.

If your parts need surface treatment, we can handle that as well, through our local, well-vetted partners. Whether you need to anodize, paint, or polish your parts, just let us know about your requirements.

CNC Turning Capabilities Overview

• Materials: Aluminium ( 2024, 5052, 6061, 6063, 7075, etc. ), Steel ( 303, 304, 316, Carbon Steel, Tool Steel etc. ), Brass, Copper, Plastics ( POM, PC, PTFE, PET, PEEK, PEI, PA6, etc.), Special alloy ( Kovar, Invar, Titanium, Inconel, Mocu, etc. )

• Machine Brands: Star, Mazak, Miyano, Takisawa (11 Machine Sets in Total)

• Part dimensions up to 400mm in diameter, 600mm in length

• Precision down to ±0.001mm

• Japanese and domestic CNC turning centers

• ISO 9001:2015 certified Quality Management System and ISO 14001:2015 certified Environmental Management System

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