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Fangjun Lee

Founder & CEO

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After graduating in mechatronics in 2000, Joe entered his father’s small machining factory as an apprentice and began his professional career. In the first few years, Joe learned the operation of various equipment (including universal milling, grinders, lathes, EDM, CNC, etc.), and later engaged in drawing design and CNC programming related work. He accumulated hands-on machining experience.

Since our factory has always focused on continuous improvement, honesty faithfulness, and putting customers first, more and more trading companies decided to work with us. Joe saw the potential in the bigger market for machining abroad. In 2006, Joe established a branch in Hong Kong and officially began direct cooperation with overseas customers. Since then, the company has developed rapidly.

In 2010, Joe officially took over the factory. In order to push the company to a higher level, he focused on continuing to improve the overall strength of the company. He started by working to better equip the management team, introducing more advanced CNC machining equipment and using equipment from the USA, Japan and Switzerland. The organization achieved ISO9001 and ISO14001 quality and environmental management system certifications.

The implementation of an ERP system throughout the company helped to fully modernize the company’s information processing and management and improve production efficiency.

The company began working with customers such as SKF, JABIL, and GE healthcare, and entered a new period of development.

Zimin Shi

Engineering Manager

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Zimin Shi joined Gensun in March 2019 as the engineering manager. He studied Machinery Design and Manufacture at Xi’an Aeronautical Polytechnic Institute. With more than 20 years of experience in non-standard precision parts processing, he has diverse experience with parts processing for the automation, medical equipment, auto parts, and other industries.

Not only is he familiar with the requirements for various processes such as turning, milling, grinding, CNC, wire cutting, but he also understands the properties of different materials and processing methods.

In his spare time, he likes getting together with friends for dinner parties. He says that “Practice makes perfect,” and believes in combining theory and practice, and doing everything to the best of your abilities. He says that “Success comes from preparing well and then finding the right opportunities.”

Zhifeng Yin

Production Manager

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Zhifeng Yin joined Gensun in October 2014 and is the manager of the Production Department, effective 2018. He graduated from Edong Vocational and Technical school in Hubei, majoring in Mechatronics.

With 6-7 years of production management experience, he manages the department well and helps ensure that shipment timing plans are followed and product quantities are accurate. He has assisted with our GE projects and has helped us win the praise and trust of many customers.

Not only is he familiar with site, quality, equipment, and 6S management, but he is also familiar with precision machining, structural mechanics, surface treatment, and other processing solutions.

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