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Top-notch Precision Investment Casting in China

Do you have a complex product idea (or design) that you want to bring to life? Do you need assistance from a top-notch precision investment casting company? You’ve come to the right place!

Gensun Precision Machining is a leading provider of precision casting services across Asia. Our team of engineers, technicians, and quality control experts works together to get your product done right the first time. Our precision investment casting services also complement our many other manufacturing solutions, including CNC machining and 3D printing, to provide you with an all-encompassing manufacturing solution for your product.

We can help you cast parts from various metals (including stainless steel, brass, aluminum, carbon steel, brass, bronze, tool steel, and cobalt).

What is Precision Investment Casting?

Precision investment casting, also known as precision casting, is a lost wax casting process used to make parts from ferrous and non-ferrous metals. By “lost wax casting,” we mean that metal parts are created from a wax mold.

The precision investment casting process starts with you designing and fabricating a wax injection moldㅡwhich is used to create a wax pattern having the same geometrical shape as the desired finished part. Depending on the complexity of your design, you might have to create a single wax pattern or as many as twenty wax patterns. The goal here is to have patterns that form the geometrical shape of the intended finished cast part when assembled.

Next, the assembled wax pattern is dipped into a ceramic slurry until a ceramic mold is formed. The ceramic mold is then preheated before being filled with molten metal, allowed to set, and broken off to form the desired metal cast.

Why Precision Investment Casting?

Precision casting offers several advantages over other manufacturing processes. For instance, the process eliminates the material wastage challenge common in subtractive manufacturing technologies like CNC machining, allowing you to reduce manufacturing costs. It also reduces the long production time common in metal fabrication processes like welding.

In addition, precision casting allows you to fabricate complex parts that might be challenging to create using CNC machines. So, suppose you’re looking to fabricate complex internal passages in a metal part, curved vanes of an impeller, or cooling channels in complex devices with great surface finishes. In that case, you must consider using precision investment casting.

Precision forging also allows you to create complex shapes, like the precision investment casting process. However, because the forging process requires specially designed tool dies, the associated tooling costs are higher than in precision casting. Additionally, precision casting offers greater design freedom, allowing you to produce larger and more complex geometries than other manufacturing technologies.

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Pouring melted bronze into ceramic shell during lost wax casting

Advantages of Gensun’s Precision Investment Casting Services

  • We use state-of-the-art precision casting technologies to create high-quality casting products for our customers.
  • Our lost wax investment casting process complements our CNC machining and surface finishing capabilities, providing you with an all-encompassing manufacturing solution.
  • Our precision casting technologies are compatible with a broad range of metals, including alloy steel, aluminum, cobalt, and others.
  • Our engineering team works with you, providing you with tips to choose ideal materials, product design, machining details, and ensure ease of manufacturing. Overall, our services ensure that you get your product done right the first time and at affordable production costs.
  • We are located in southern China’s Greater Bay Area and not too far from shipping ports, allowing us to provide you with rapid manufacturing services.

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