3 Big Benefits of Contracting a CNC Machine Shop

by | Sep 15, 2022 | CNC Machining

Should you develop in-house or outsource to a contractor? You might be asking yourself this question because you’re in the process of developing a new product. Or maybe you’re frustrated with issues in your supply chain and looking for reliable alternatives.

You might be leaning toward the DIY approach because it seems more cost-effective. Or because you’re a believer in the saying, “If you want something done right, do it yourself.” However, it’s also worth recognizing the value that experienced and dedicated professionals bring to the table. That’s why this article covers the 3 reasons why you should consider contracting CNC machining services instead.

The Top Reasons for Contracting CNC Machining

#1 More Experience & Capabilities

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If machining services are not already part of your daily operations, you’ll need to interview and hire experienced machinists and quality professionals. You’ll also need to commit to purchasing high-quality equipment if you want the best results.

An established machining contractor can leverage a team of machining experts with diverse experiences to handle even the most challenging projects. They’ll also have the equipment available and well-maintained for achieving the tightest design tolerances.

It’s worth noting as well that many machining operations rely on several different types of equipment, like bandsaws and sandblasters. You would need to procure all the required machinery to complete projects with multiple independent machining operations.

While the capabilities and expertise of a trustworthy machining contractor are undeniable, you may still be on the fence. Especially if your project has more straightforward machining requirements. But before you dismiss using a contractor, there are still two more good reasons to rely on contracted CNC machining services.

#2 High Scalability & Flexibility

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Another reason that independent machine shops are so valuable is that they provide improved flexibility and scalability. This is particularly important when production requirements are highly inconsistent due to variable demand.

It generally isn’t feasible to hire a team of machinists and maintain an assortment of expensive machinery when they will spend a lot of time idle. On the flip side, a sudden surge in consumer demand requires a rapid production response. It might not be possible to accommodate this rapid growth without outsourcing, even for producers that have their own in-house machine shops. Instead, it makes sense to rely on CNC machining contractors who can accommodate changing rates of production with dynamic requirements.

With this in mind, you may have relatively simple production requirements and aren’t concerned with inconsistent production requirements. While this may make it more viable to perform machining in-house, you should still evaluate the costs and convenience of contracting CNC machining services.

#3 Lower Costs & Easier Supply Chain Management

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Like a DIY renovation at home, adding up just the costs of raw materials and cheaper labor may make it look like in-house production is considerably cheaper. But without the right experience, it’s easy to make costly mistakes.

In addition to labor and raw materials costs, machining contractors rely on an assortment of expensive equipment to perform different machining operations. This equipment has to be properly maintained to remain functional and accurate. There are also hidden costs for utilities and housing the equipment, as well as for maintaining an inventory of consumables like carbide cutting tools and machining lubricants.

In-house production also invites the hassle of managing an expanded supply chain. Given the variety of global supply chain shortages affecting modern businesses, adding this to your busy plate could easily be more headache than you want.

Should You Contract a CNC Machine Shop or Go it Alone?

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In summary, CNC machining contractors offer flexible, cost-effective services to those that need advanced machining capabilities. Despite this, some may still opt for the DIY route. In-house production might be preferred for those who are planning for large, stable production runs, or for those who have a frequent requirement for simple machining work. That said, a wide assortment of producers still depend on the machining services of contractors to manage some or all of their CNC manufacturing processes.

If after reading the benefits of outsourcing CNC machining, you’ve decided to evaluate contractors, you’ll need to find a trustworthy and cost-effective service provider.

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